On Monday, September 17, the Senate passed a bipartisan, comprehensive opioids package,  “The Opioid Crisis Response Act.” The package which includes 70 provisions, support from numerous Congressional committees and contributions from over 70 representatives, is in its final stages as the Senate and House seek compromises and agreements.

Please read the alert Opioid+Crisis+Response+Act+Alert+(PCAA)+(2) from Prevent Child Abuse America and consider letting legislators know your views.

Thank you.

NJ-AIMH well-represented at World Congress in Rome this weekend

NJ-AIMH is well-represented at the World Congress in Rome this weekend!

Take a look at NJ-AIMH at WAIMH Congress_Abstracts_2018 for details on presentations by our vice president, Dayna Zatina Egan and treasurer, Adam DiBella, as well as past officers, Gerry Costa, Kaitlin Mulcahy and Kathy Mulrooney, plus member Angela Fisher.

All Endorsement Renewals Due March 31, 2018

To all Endorsed Professionals:

You are recognized as an Endorsed Infant Mental Health professional in the state of New Jersey.  Many of you received this Endorsement® in 2014, 2015, or 2016.  Your Endorsement® letter outlined the requirements for renewing your Endorsement annually.  The requirements include payment of $20 renewal fee for all Endorsement® Categories I, II, III, IV, as well as 15 hours of Infant Mental Health practice training and 12 hours of Reflective Supervision for Categories II, II and IV – Clinical.

The Endorsement® Committee has experienced challenges in establishing an electronic renewal system.  We expect that this system will be in place for the January 1, 2019 renewal cycle.  However, all Endorsees are expected to renew for 2018 now.  Endorsed professionals at Category II, III, IV please complete the attached survey, (you do not need to provide documentation of training or supervision hours).  We also realize that many of you are waiting for access to Reflective Supervision as the state builds capacity,  please indicate your status on the form.

All Endorsed professionals are expected to pay the 2018 renewal fee of $20 by March 31, 2018.  You may use the PayPal option or send a check to NJ-AIMH PO Box 43662 Upper Montclair, NJ 07043.  Some of you paid your 2017 renewal after June 1st of last year so there is no need to send payment again; we have a record of your payment.

As a reminder, all Endorsed professionals are required to maintain current membership in the Association and upload proof of current membership with the renewal form.  When you renewed your membership in the Association, you received an email with membership confirmation and a membership “card.”  Copy the membership card, save it as a document and upload it as indicated on the renewal form.  If you need to renew your membership, before you complete and submit the renewal form, you can renew by visiting our website at Join Now.

If you have any question about the status of your membership, please contact

For 2019, all Endorsement® and membership renewals will be on a January 1 cycle.  You will receive notification of 2019 renewal in December for the January 1 cycle.  Please also plan to meet both requirements for training hours (everyone) and Reflective Supervision hours if you are Endorsed at Category II, III, or IV – Clinical.  Contact with any questions.

In addition, please complete the Endorsement Renewal Survey at  to provide details on how you met the requirements for renewal.   Please put your name after your response in Section 7 .

Thank you.

Jean Budd, LPC, NCC, IMH-E®

Endorsement® Coordinator

  • Online Renewal: Use this link to our PayPal account: Just enter Endorsement Renewal in the “Add a note” section.
  • Mail-In Renewal: If you prefer to mail your renewal payment, send your check or money order made out to NJ-AIMH to:

NJ-AIMH, PO Box 43662, Upper Montclair  NJ  07043


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NJ-AIMH Annual Endorsement Renewal Fee

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White Paper on Social-Emotional Development from Too Small to Fail

How Young Children’s Learning & Health Benefit from Strong Social-Emotional Development

Very young children rely on parents and caregivers to help them understand our world and to provide them with the experiences and information that help their brains grow. This is true whether a child is learning to read and write, or how to get along with others and manage their feelings.  Too Small to Fail has released a white paper on the benefits that children receive through strong development.

Recommended Article: Inequality Begins at Birth

by Jeff Madrick

Over the past year, the lack of universal pre-kindergarten for American four-year-olds has become a national issue. In 2013, President Obama proposed to fund an ambitious new nationwide pre-kindergarten program through a new cigarette tax. That plan failed to gain support, but Bill de Blasio gave new urgency to the issue when he swept into the New York mayor’s office promising universal pre-K for all city children—which will begin in the fall. Even as these efforts are being made, however, new research is making it increasingly clear that educational disparities start much earlier. Read full article »

Infant Brain Stimulation: How Playing With Your Baby Makes Her Smart

Great article from

Your baby’s brain is being shaped as she is growing up – starting from her first days of life.  Her brain consists of a hundred billion brain cells called neurons.  These neurons interconnect with one another, like roads and bridges. Read full article »

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