All Endorsement Renewals Due March 31, 2018

To all Endorsed Professionals:

You are recognized as an Endorsed Infant Mental Health professional in the state of New Jersey.  Many of you received this Endorsement® in 2014, 2015, or 2016.  Your Endorsement® letter outlined the requirements for renewing your Endorsement annually.  The requirements include payment of $20 renewal fee for all Endorsement® Categories I, II, III, IV, as well as 15 hours of Infant Mental Health practice training and 12 hours of Reflective Supervision for Categories II, II and IV – Clinical.

The Endorsement® Committee has experienced challenges in establishing an electronic renewal system.  We expect that this system will be in place for the January 1, 2019 renewal cycle.  However, all Endorsees are expected to renew for 2018 now.  Endorsed professionals at Category II, III, IV please complete the attached survey, (you do not need to provide documentation of training or supervision hours).  We also realize that many of you are waiting for access to Reflective Supervision as the state builds capacity,  please indicate your status on the form.

All Endorsed professionals are expected to pay the 2018 renewal fee of $20 by March 31, 2018.  You may use the PayPal option or send a check to NJ-AIMH PO Box 43662 Upper Montclair, NJ 07043.  Some of you paid your 2017 renewal after June 1st of last year so there is no need to send payment again; we have a record of your payment.

As a reminder, all Endorsed professionals are required to maintain current membership in the Association and upload proof of current membership with the renewal form.  When you renewed your membership in the Association, you received an email with membership confirmation and a membership “card.”  Copy the membership card, save it as a document and upload it as indicated on the renewal form.  If you need to renew your membership, before you complete and submit the renewal form, you can renew by visiting our website at Join Now.

If you have any question about the status of your membership, please contact

For 2019, all Endorsement® and membership renewals will be on a January 1 cycle.  You will receive notification of 2019 renewal in December for the January 1 cycle.  Please also plan to meet both requirements for training hours (everyone) and Reflective Supervision hours if you are Endorsed at Category II, III, or IV – Clinical.  Contact with any questions.

In addition, please complete the Endorsement Renewal Survey at  to provide details on how you met the requirements for renewal.   Please put your name after your response in Section 7 .

Thank you.

Jean Budd, LPC, NCC, IMH-E®

Endorsement® Coordinator

  • Online Renewal: Use this link to our PayPal account: Just enter Endorsement Renewal in the “Add a note” section.
  • Mail-In Renewal: If you prefer to mail your renewal payment, send your check or money order made out to NJ-AIMH to:

NJ-AIMH, PO Box 43662, Upper Montclair  NJ  07043


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White Paper on Social-Emotional Development from Too Small to Fail

How Young Children’s Learning & Health Benefit from Strong Social-Emotional Development

Very young children rely on parents and caregivers to help them understand our world and to provide them with the experiences and information that help their brains grow. This is true whether a child is learning to read and write, or how to get along with others and manage their feelings.  Too Small to Fail has released a white paper on the benefits that children receive through strong development.

Visiting Lecturer from Istanbul Turkey: Siblings of Children with Autism – July 26, 2017 – FREE

MSU’s Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health is privileged to have Dr. Hatice Sengul Erdem as a Visiting Scholar with our Center for the month of July. Dr. Erdem is a special educator with a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Disability Studies from Trakya University, Edirne, Turkey. She holds a Master’s degree in Special Education from Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey and she has worked as a school counselor for 15 years. She has published her research about teacher opinions on teaching reading and writing to intellectually impaired children, on games to develop social skills in children with autism, and on the perception of vocational high school teachers about inclusion. In her doctoral research, she examined the characteristics of siblings of children on the autism spectrum. In this lecture,
Dr. Erdem will speak about this research and about special education policies and practices in Turkey.
She will offer a presentation on, “Emotional, Social and Behavioral Characteristics of Siblings of Children with Autism and Typically Developing Children: A mixed design and comparative study.”
Followed by an Open Discussion                                                   Flyer for July 26 Lecture
There is no fee for this event
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Center for Clinical Services, 35 Clove Road, Room 1356
Call Dr. Gerry Costa at 973-655-6685 with any questions.

Sixth Annual Todd Ouida Children’s Foundation Conference

2017 Conference

In partnership with Children’s Aid and Family Services Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning – West Bergen Mental Healthcare & Youth Consultation ServiceNJAIMH is pleased to sponsor the Sixth Annual Todd Ouida Children’s Foundation Conference: Ensuring Social Justice for Children in Infant and Early Childhood Centers and Schools on May 11, 2017, at Montclair State University.

To register, click on:

Magic Moment Memo November 2016

As I complete my three-year term as a member of the NJ Association for Infant Mental Health Board of Trustees, I want to say thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this talented and committed group.  It is wonderful to be part of a community of caring and dedicated professionals who are thinking very broadly about how to best support and serve our early childhood colleagues, infants, toddlers, young children and their families.

My hope is that  NJAIMH will continue to be the leader as the “go to place” for professionals and families looking to advance their knowledge & understanding about what really matters in  raising healthy, emotionally secure & resilient children.

I am reminded of two quotes that I try to keep present in my thinking:

If you want to go fast, go alone If you want to go far, go together.” ~ African Proverb

If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement & mystery of the world we live in.” ~ Rachel Carson


Cynthia Newman MSW, LCSW

Regional Director

Mid-Jersey CARES

Regional Early Intervention Collaborative

REIC Central Jersey Family Health Consortium


Magic Moment Memo September 2016

What Endorsement Means to MEendorsement-thumbs-up-girl

Clinical counseling is my second career.  I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to transform my passion for empowering women in the workforce, inspired during my Human Resource Director days, to empowering Early Head Start and Head Start children and families.  Completion of my Master’s degree and the hours required to receive my license as a Professional Counselor (LPC), were no easy feats as I juggled the responsibilities of a demanding family, parent care and meaningful friendships.  My reward has been being present with children and families as they triumph over the challenges of emotions, behaviors, trauma, relationships and parenting.

In the beginning, I was uncertain that I was properly applying my graduate education.  Many times I rely on my instinct.  As each year passes, and many families trust me with their most vulnerable obstacles, allowing me to observe, play, support and recommend change for their children, I realize that what I do is holistic, taking all from my experiences, education, training, exposure to theory and colleagues, all that is me, to offer a family a chance to look at their pattern of living differently.  Often, I validate what is occurring is a “normal” developmental expectation when asked, “What is wrong with my child?”

In April 2013, I attended the launch meeting for an endorsement for infant mental health professionals in New Jersey.  I professionally identified with the description of Mental Health Mentor Clinical.  AND who doesn’t want additional letters after their name!  What I found in completing the EASy application was unexpected and a complete surprise.   I analyzed the courses I had taken, realizing how much they provided in my foundation of knowing INFANT MENTAL HEALTH.  I gathered all syllabuses of the trainings I was so fortunate to participate in and matched them to the Endorsement Competencies.  This exercise gave me a view of all the theory and practice knowledge that fuels my work.  The greatest professional reward was the understanding that my professional supervisor had been providing Reflective Supervision in our meetings for a decade.  My surprise came when I realized not all infant mental health professionals have this opportunity!

In being endorsed IMH E®IV-Clinical Mentor, I see a mural of faces that give pride and meaning to the work that I do.  I see the children (many of their names will always be with me), parents, early childhood educators, fellow counselors, my supervisor and, now, many KBCM training participants who rely on the endorsement for my ability to integrate the Infant Mental Health Competencies in every day of my professional life.  That’s what IMH Endorsement means to ME.

Jean Budd LPC, NCC, IMH E®IV-Clinical Mentor

President, NJ-AIMH


Magic Moment Memo June 2016

stuffed horse

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend the entire day in one of our inclusive preschool classrooms.  With staying relevant—and reasonable—at the forefront of my agenda, I am fortunate that my role affords me many occasions for close, personal interactions with very young children and their families.  I haven’t, however, spent an entire day—from drop off to pick up—as the lead teacher in the classroom in quite some time.  Having facilitated a successful morning of fun and learning, I was feeling quite exhausted myself when, alas, it was rest time.  I’ve always thought of that a silent, collective sigh of relief is shared between early childhood educators and caregivers once the children begin to settle down onto their mats.  Continue reading

Magic Moment Memo April 2016

The “Early Intervention State of Mind”lightbulb

One of the reasons I love my job is what I call the “lightbulb” moments that I see with new staff. You know, the moment when I see the imaginary lightbulb suddenly turn on over someone’s head! As someone who does professional development, I go for these “Aha!” moments – that spark of sudden insight or inspiration or realization. My favorite “Aha!” moments occur when a practitioner realizes they are not just there to “work the baby.”  Continue reading

Monthly Magic Moment – December 2015

Did You Know?

New Jersey’s Early Intervention System continues to work very closely with New Jersey’s Department of Children & Families/Division of Child Protection & Permanency to ensure high quality early intervention services for infants/toddlers (ages 0-3 yr) with special needs and their families. My ongoing belief is that children involved with protective services and eligible for early intervention are New Jersey’s most vulnerable infants & toddlers.  We owe them every opportunity to  live in a safe, stable environment, to grow and learn.   Joining together, all New Jersey’s child/family serving agencies must continue to focus on helping every child fulfill his or her potential.

Read the rest Dec 2015 Monthly Magic Moment – C Newman

Magic Moment Memo October 2015

As someone new to the field of infant mental health, I am continually finding myself surrounded by “magic moments” – mostly as I learn something new or see something in practice with my own children that I’ve learned in a classroom. As a central intake hub, we at Essex Pregnancy and Parenting Connection (EPPC) link families to many others who provide direct services, and we hope and trust that the families are having “magic moments” of their own as they work with their home visitors, or perhaps after attending a session of “Incredible Years.” Thus, the experience of seeing a magic moment unfold during the work day is particularly special.

Rest the rest here.   Sara Lewis Oct 2015 Monthly Magic Moment Memo

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