WEBINAR: Grief and Loss through a Self-Reg® Lens

The COVID 19 Pandemic has delivered experiences of loss. Adults and children are grieving. How do early childhood professionals, comfort those who are struggling with feelings and actions based in grief, especially the children and including themselves? How do early childhood professionals care for themselves so that they can offer calm to others? Are there steps to take to build resilience?

Grief is a life process in reacting to loss. It is an individual response with life-changing capacity. One common healing factor is the connections sought for co-regulation. It is easy to miss the signs especially when the cues appear to be undesired behavior for children. The knowledge of the Self- Reg® approach shared in this workshop, emphasizes the response that encourages resilience. Adults are the key to finding calm in the storm of grief and applying the lens of Self-Reg®   This approach meets the needs of adults and children in navigating the feelings and behaviors initiated by loss and grief.

Please join Jessica Cowan, LSW, IMH-E® and Jean Budd, LPC, NCC, IMH-E® to understand the benefits of applying the Self-Reg® lens during this difficult time.

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