Advocates for Children of New Jersey  (ACNJ)  works with local, state, and federal leaders to identify and implement changes that will benefit New Jersey’s children.

Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health®  is a global organization that includes associations for infant mental health who offer the credential: Endorsement for Culturally Sensitive, Relationship-Focused Practice Promoting Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health®.

Child Care Aware of NJ  is a non-profit organization composed of child care resource and referral agencies. CCANJ promotes a universally accessible, affordable & high quality system of early care & education that is responsive to parental choice. We believe that all children deserve access to high quality, affordable child care. We recognize that families need support in understanding and accessing the child care options in their community and we represent those agencies that help them do so.

CDC Milestones in Action  is a FREE image library of children demonstrating developmental milestones up to 5 years. This tool can help to identify milestones in children and know when there is cause for celebration or concern.

Coalition of Infant/Toddler Educators (CITE)  promotes quality infant and toddler care and education by building collaborations, providing professional development opportunities, support, and resources, and by influencing public policy.

Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning (ICDL)  is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting each person’s development to its fullest potential. Through the genius and leadership of Dr. Stanley Greenspan, ICDL was formed 30 years ago and became the official home of DIR® and DIRFloortime®. DIRFloortime® is used to help children, young adults, and even adults with a wide range of emotional, sensory, regulatory, motor, learning, and developmental challenges. Furthermore, DIRFloortime® is being recognized as the next generation of evidence-based interventions for autism.

Montclair State University Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health (CAECMH)  is a thought-leading center focused on professional formation and development, academic education and research, and clinical and family support services around the issues of infant and early childhood mental health and developmental differences and disabilities.

NJ Parent Link  The focus of NJ Parent Link is to meet the information and resource needs of expectant parents, families with young children (newborns to children entering kindergarten), and professional stakeholders vested in the health & well-being of New Jersey’s children & families. Parenting and support resources for families with older children, school-aged to young adulthood, are also available.

NJ Resiliency Coalition  This online community is a place where people living and working in New Jersey can come together to help prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and create a healthier, happier state. This public online learning group was created by the NJ ACEs Collaborative, the newly established Office of Resilience, the Center for Health Care Strategies, and the New Jersey Education Association — but it is made stronger by the involvement and active participation of all New Jerseyans.

Prematurity Prevention Initiative  Our name is our mission. We strive to stop early births. This target drives everything we do. Babies born too soon often face tough complications and lifelong struggles. Each baby deserves a healthy birth. But for too many families, the means to keep babies safe are not readily available. The Prematurity Prevention Initiative (PPI) is changing that. PPI programs increase awareness about the risks of preterm delivery and improve access to evidence-based prevention interventions. PPI responds to evolving needs by providing free COVID Go Kits for prenatal providers to share with at-risk patients. We share your commitment to have all babies arrive on-time and live long, healthy lives.

Prevent Child Abuse New Jersey  builds a brighter future for children by promoting Great Childhoods, positive parenting, and healthy child development. We educate parents, provide training and technical assistance to youth/family serving organizations and schools, and keep community members informed. We help transform homes and schools into nurturing, trauma-informed environments.

State of Babies Yearbook: 2020  compares national and state-by-state data on the well-being of infants and toddlers.  The current state of babies tells an important story about what it is like to be a very young child in this country, and where we are headed as a nation. By nearly every measure, children living in poverty and children of color face the biggest obstacles, such as low birthweight, unstable housing, and limited access to quality child care.

UNICEF For Every Child – Parenting  brings together some of the world’s leading baby experts to help you with top tips, interesting insights, and fun facts.  Information you can trust to help give your child the best start in life!

Harvard University, Center on the Developing Child  What Is Early Childhood Development? A Guide to the Science  Healthy development in the early years (particularly birth to three) provides the building blocks for educational achievement, economic productivity, responsible citizenship, lifelong health, strong communities, and successful parenting of the next generation. What can we do during this incredibly important period to ensure that children have a strong foundation for future development? The Center on the Developing Child created this Guide to Early Childhood Development (ECD) to help parents, caregivers, practitioners, and policymakers understand the importance of early childhood development and learn how to support children and families during this critical stage.

World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH)  is a not-for-profit organization for scientific and educational professionals.  WAIMH’s central aim is to promote the mental wellbeing and healthy development of infants throughout the world, taking into account cultural, regional, and environmental variations, and to generate and disseminate scientific knowledge.

ZERO TO THREE  envisions a society that has the knowledge and will to support all infants and toddlers in reaching their full potential.