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Why Join NJ-AIMH?

New Jersey has a number of organizations that help promote a positive trajectory for young children. Infants and young children deserve supports that help nurture caregiving relationships.  NJ-AIMH aims to be the professional home for all those working with young children and their families. Join NJ-AIMH to help shape education and public awareness of the importance of infant mental health in New Jersey, and to build your professional portfolio towards Endorsement.

We encourage all professionals who work with families from pregnancy through early childhood to consider the NJ-AIMH their professional home. Become a member, join a committee, get involved!

Benefits of membership

Among the many benefits of membership in NJ-AIMH, members will:

  • Low cost membership dues
  • Receive a reduced rate at sponsored conferences and workshops
  • Access to membership in the World Association for Infant Mental Health
  • Access to the Infant Mental Health Endorsement credential
  • Experience participation in a professional organization of multidisciplinary colleagues

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